37 mm Wasp Rubber

37 mm Wasp Rubber



WASP is a novel, lead free and well-researched (two years) rubber projectile that has won numerous awards in North America. The WASP is composed of a specialized composite that allows it to maintain it´s properties over a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to 100°C (-58 to 212°F ). It also dissipates energy, thus inflicting an adequate but not lethal trauma to the target.

Testing of our WASP was conducted on non- animal materials including ballistics gel and ballistics clay; that research was a key component in the development of our Less Lethal Wasp. Our Less Lethal Technology will save lives as it’s use continues to expand in the Military and Law Enforcement areas – unlike the growing and tragic history of deaths related with the present stun gun technology.

The aerodynamic design virtually eliminates missed target zones caused by errant projectiles and ensures the same strike profile, removing any possibility of spinning or fluttering shot after shot.


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