Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Force on Force

CQB training is designed to expose the student to a variety of scenarios that they may face during normal day-to-day duties. The use of man marker rounds (MMR) allows for an unlimited number of scenarios that mirror real-world encounters to a degree not possible with other training platforms.

These scenarios take place in realistic settings and reinforce basic training while adding to the student’s skillset. Scenario examples include traffic stops, domestic disturbances, and hostage situations. Training focuses on teamwork, control of the encounter, verbal commands, solid tactics, and problem-solving. This is the same training used by top-tier operators to sharpen their skills and build confidence.

The 8-hour course includes a safety brief, live-action scenarios utilizing role players and an after-action hot wash designed to discuss the lessons learned during training.

Prerequisites - At least one of the following: Valid Act 235, Act 120, Act 2, or Act 49 certifications, and employment verification. This is an advanced course and is designed for the experienced shooter who possesses above-average proficiency with weapons handling, retention, and marksmanship.

Requirements: Duty gear. pistol, OC pepper spray, Taser, and live ammo strictly prohibited during this course.

Cost: $300.00

Next Course Date: To Be Announced