Expandable Baton Certification

4 Hours. The PPCT Expandable Baton / Impact Weapon System has developed a reputation as one of the simplest and most effective baton systems available. This course is good for ANY manufacturer’s baton.

This 4-hour basic level certification program familiarizes officers with the use of expandable baton impact weapons for law enforcement, security or corrections use. The training includes use and presentation techniques as well as defensive application procedures. Certification acknowledges that the individual officer meets a competency-based standard of knowledge and performance.

Valid for one 1 year.

Prerequisites, at least one of the following: valid Act 235, Act 120, Act 2, or Act 49 certifications.

Cost: Initial Certification $75.00 without Act 235 enrollment
No charge for Students enrolled in the Act 235 class (included as part of cost)
Recertification: $25.00 for returning student

$50.00 for first time student

Next Course Date: July 11, 2020 at 9:00AM

Course Goals:
  • To examine survival learning research and design methods for subject control systems.
  • To identify the primary and secondary striking targets.
  • To identify the medical implications of targets.
  • To identify the PPCT Fluid Shock Wave Principle, a system of striking which enhances subject control.
  • To teach the PPCT Collapsible Baton/Impact Weapon striking system.
  • To teach the recommended PPCT methods of de-escalation
Course Topics:
  • Survival Learning Research
  • PPCT Blocks
  • PPCT Striking System
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • Use of Force Report Writing
Survival Learning Research:

This unit examines research from educational psychology, motor learning science and neurobiology, and applies the research to the design of use of force systems. The units explains why simple gross motor skills and systems with few techniques, are more compatible to use of force training.

PPCT Control Principles:

The foundation of the PPCT training systems is based upon a series of training principles. This unit examines the PPCT Force Continuum, principles of control, survival reaction time and tactical positioning.

PPCT Blocks:

This unit addresses three blocks designed to strike the arms and legs. The blocks are directed primarily at the motor points of the target and are defensive in nature.

PPCT Striking System:

The three strikes in this unit are restricted to the arms and legs to establish control of an aggressive subject. The strikes are directed at the nerve motor points of the arms or legs and will immediately cause a motor dysfunction to the target. All of the strikes are gross motor skills and can be learned in minutes and retained indefinitely.

De-escalation Techniques:

The use of de-escalation techniques are critical to any impact weapon system. The PPCT Impact Weapon System employs de-escalation techniques before and after the use of a baton.

Use of Force Report Writing:

Knowing how to justify the use of an impact weapon can be just as important as knowing how to use the baton in the field. PPCT has developed a simple Use of Force Reporting Model to help the officer accurately report the elements of using the impact weapon.